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Why Use a Professional Yacht Broker?

Whether you are a novice or an experienced boat owner, the process of purchasing or selling a boat can be a lengthy one, and as with any substantial purchase, it is always a wise decision to turn to those who have the knowledge and resources to assist
you in becoming a well informed and educated consumer. The selection of a Certified Professionally Endorsed Yacht Brokerage firm will provide an invaluable tool to facilitate an ideal closing.

Most buyers realize that a skilled broker is a true asset in finding the perfect yacht. And remember, if the seller has an agent you should have an agent as well. Latitude Yacht Brokerage is ready with resources and experience to help you find and purchase
your “dream” yacht at the best price.

We are members of the Yacht Brokers Association of America and are recognized as a Certified Professionally Endorsed Yacht Brokerage firm; our Brokers have an in-depth understanding of the Marine Industry. We can help you with all aspects of purchasing
a boat, from assisting you in determining the size and style of the boat of your dream… to commanding your first voyage.

After defining your requirements and budget, as your agent, we provide the following services:

  • With membership access to reliable multiple listing services, we research, preview, and suggest available options; provide a qualified list of available boats; and assist you in finding the one that meets your criteria at a desirable price.
  • We offer an objective viewpoint, present you with available options and provide a better awareness of exactly what you want in a boat; to weigh those alternatives that are most important to you in making your final choice.
  • Address all questions and concerns, keeping you well informed, and progress your transaction in a timely and efficient manner.
  • Represent you in determining a fair price, negotiate on your behalf, and guard your best interests.
  • Utilize the Yacht Brokers Association of America’s “time-tested” purchase agreements, which are written to protect all parties.
  • Assist in finding and scheduling the appropriate surveyor, and participate in the survey and sea trial.
  • Prepare the essential paperwork, obtaining finance and insurance, holding your deposit in a dedicated escrow account, and arranging engine escrows, if necessary, all to ensure your financial security and cover all bases of your purchase.
  • Provide all documents for USCG documentation, title transfer and registration, in order to secure a successful closing.
  • Provide information on yacht services after the sale, such as repair, dockage, inspection, and shipping, all to guarantee you are a satisfied buyer.

Ultimately, the value of a Certified Professionally Endorsed Yacht Broker is in completing all the paperwork and answering all the questions that arise between the initial search and the final closing. Our goal at Latitude Yacht Brokerage is to keep you
well informed and move your transaction to completion in an efficient manner. But more than that, our mission is to provide you with a smooth journey and the realization of a dream to discover that great wide open…

Let Your Journey begin”…

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