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Buying a new Vessel

Buying a new vessel can be exciting, but it can also be very timing consuming as you work your way through the decision-making process. Enlisting the help and consultation of a knowledgeable representative will ensure a more efficient, less troublesome transaction. The manufacturing process can have its flaws and attention to the details is needed through the entire process. Latitude offers a comprehensive and custom service that can facilitate the process, and in countless aspects, safeguard your interests. Some examples are:

  • Collecting information to present to the buyer on selecting the right size, style, and type of vessel that will fit your lifestyle and budget.
  • Researching the best manufacturer, builder, or boatyard to build your boat to meet the appropriate standards and provide cost analysis.
  • Selecting the right layout and configurations, accessories, and equipment, ranging from navigational electronics to anchor designs, all geared to ensure safety and enhance your time onboard.
  • Visual inspections and collecting status updates throughout the build and commissioning process.
  • Guarding your interests through the transaction by reviewing contracts and negotiating on your behalf, all in an effort to verify that you are buying at a fair price and receiving what you paid for.
  • Organizing deposits and progress payments.
  • Recommending third-party surveyors for mid-build and final inspections to confirm structural integrity and assuring all systems are fully functional prior to vessel delivery.
  • Securing vessel delivery and confirming receipt of appropriate ownership paperwork.
  • Assisting in other purchasing concerns such as warrantees, US Coast Guard documentation, titling and registration, financing, insurance, summer and winter storage, and suggested maintenance and care.

It is important to remember that when buying new and dealing directly with a builder or their dealer, the buyer’s best interests may not always be adequately represented. Builders, manufacturers, and dealers are in business to sell boats. Although not as commonly seen among the high volume, smaller-sized production boat manufacturers, enlisting a representative for your side of the transaction to protect your interests may provide a more positive experience.

This is a comprehensive and custom service that can be tailored to meet the needs of the builder, dealer, and most importantly the client, so please contact Latitude to see how we can be of assistance.