Latitude Yacht Brokerage

Deciding to Sell

Why Use a Certified Professional Yacht Broker?

Whether a novice or an experienced boat owner, the process of purchasing or selling a boat can be a lengthy one, and as with any significant transaction it is always a wise decision to turn to those who have the knowledge and resources to assist you in becoming a well informed and educated consumer. The selection of a professional yacht broker will provide an invaluable tool in facilitating an ideal closing.

Considering Selling? Latitude is the Right Brokerage Firm for You!

Latitude provides specialized strategies to represent you through the entire selling process. Our goal is to help you gain the most financial benefit from the sale of your boat, while assuring peace of mind and a confidence that all aspects of the sale will be handled efficiently, with your interest as the primary objective.

Determining Your Boat’s Value and Setting an Asking Price.

Many sellers going through the selling process unaided make the mistake of setting an unrealistic price that doesn’t reflect true value, and then question why their boat isn’t selling.

Latitude performs the vital market research and provides you with a report showing comparable boats currently on the market, along with previously sold boats. We’ll strategize with you to arrive at a true value and make recommendations for improving your boat’s marketability.

We recommend you take into consideration the season your boat will be going on the market, know the cost of any needed repairs, consider whether you are benefiting from using the boat, and know your total carrying cost when determining the best asking price. Knowledge of your boat’s true value and setting the asking price is the most analytical and critical decision in executing an efficient sale and securing the maximum financial benefit.

During the selling process, the more informed you are, the better decisions you’ll make in determining your bottom line.

How to NET the Best Price When Selling Your Boat?

Advertising and Marketing…Exposure is Key! Advertising is a crucial component to maximum market exposure. Latitude will publicize your boat to as many buyers and brokers as possible. Obviously, the more people who see your boat, the better the outcome will be. We have a comprehensive marketing program including:

  • Creation of a detailed listing containing high quality photographs, detailed specifications, notable features, vessel status, location, and all of the most important information.
  • A contemporary website promoted on the top search engines with maximum optimization built in.
  • Internet-based global advertising to put your boat in front of as many buyers and brokers as possible.
  • Premier International MLS databases – YachtWorld, Yacht Council, and Marine Source – the most successful, worldwide multi-listing Internet services, attracting the largest percentage of buyers and brokers.
  • Optimum exposure on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.
  • Year-round Boat Show participation for face-to-face promotion of your boat to as many buyers and brokers as possible.
  • Direct Mailing and Newsletters to thousands of prospective buyers.
  • Periodic ads in major print publications like Soundings and Yachting Magazine
  • Direct marketing to regional marinas and boat yards.
  • Placement of “For Sale” signs on your boat.
  • Networking with other brokers to co-broker and sell your boat.

Buyers want to gather as many details as possible before spending time and expense in viewing and inspecting a boat in person. Therefore, we provide professional eye-catching advertisements with multiple, quality photos and well-written descriptions to promote your boat and encourage buyers to want to learn more.

Professional Know-How, On Your Behalf.

During the selling process, Latitude will communicate with you, keeping you up-to-date on what’s happening with the marketing and sale of your boat. As your broker we will do the following:

  • Be available seven days a week, providing timely responses to all inquiries.
  • Provide the “Face Time” at the showings, answering all questions, and promptly reporting back to you.
  • Prepare the listing for distribution to the market and to other brokerage firms, boat yards, and marinas.
  • Represent you in the negotiating process with the buyer or buyer’s broker in reaching a “Fair” Price and agreement in terms.
  • Understand the marine brokerage profession, i.e., all documents and contracts needed to register and transfer titles and safeguard funds.
  • Coordinate and represent you in attending the sea trial and marine surveys, assisting you in addressing any deficiencies discovered, and reviewing what is best to focus on during negotiations.
  • Hold deposit funds in a dedicated escrow account.
  • Provide all documentation for closing and safeguard the transfer of funds.

Ultimately, the value of a professional yacht broker is to sell your boat and be proficient in completing all the paperwork and answering all the questions that arise between the initial advertisements to the final closing. Our goal at Latitude Yacht Brokerage is to keep you well informed and move your transaction to completion in an efficient manner. At the end of the day, we at Latitude Yacht Brokerage are pro-active in covering all aspects of the transaction to ensure the final sale is timely, well organized, and, above all, the least stressful for you!