Considering a Live-Aboard Retirement?

Considering a Live-Aboard Retirement?

Considering a Live-Aboard Retirement? 150 150 admin

Retirement is a time when you can take your prime interest and make it the focus of your lifestyle. For many boaters this means spending time on the water. During pre-retirement years, most people are limited by work commitments to only spend weekends and annual vacations on their boats. Many retirees are now planning to focus on doing what they most enjoy by searching for the right boat to live aboard.

According to a recent Wall Street Journal article, Yacht Owners Ditch Life on Land for the High Seas : “Living aboard and cruising the world is a retirement dream for many, but it takes planning and preparation to pull off.”

Latitude Yacht Brokerage can help you through the planning and preparation process by assisting you in determining exactly what vessel will best suit your particular needs. What type, style and size vessel do you like? What is your budget for your retirement boat? Are you likely to do long-distance, coastal cruising, or mostly dock-side living?

Whether you are ready to take the plunge and go full live-aboard retirement, or ease into it with a combination of shore-side and live-aboard retirement, we can help you find the right boat. We will consult with you to refine your options and preferences and act as your buyer’s broker to assist you to locate the best boat for your needs and represent your interests in the negotiation and purchase process.

For more information on planning for your retirement boat, contact Gene Magnetti – – who after a long career in the corporate world now assists his fellow boat lovers to find the right sail or powerboat for their retirement living.