Partnering Marinas

Conanicut Marine Services

conan-150We at Latitude are proud of our partnership with Conanicut Marine Services (CMS). With our local on-island presence we represent Conanicut Marine’s clients and assist with their buying and selling needs. Our goal is to continue to offer a quality service directly to our clients by partnering with this established marina. Located on Conanicut Island at the mouth of Narragansett Bay, CMS is known for its hospitality, excellent facilities, highly trained technicians, and nearby amenities. CMS is an ideal base for cruising the waters of Narragansett Bay, Block Island, and the Elizabeth Islands or for racing on the Bay. Located in the center of the town of Jamestown, guests have easy access to restaurants, groceries, and laundry facilities. Please visit CMS to learn more-


Dutch Harbor Boat Yard

dutchharbor-150Please visit Latitude’s seasonal office at picturesque Dutch Harbor Boat Yard during the sailing season. Dutch Harbor Boat Yard has established itself as a full-service boat yard and mooring field, and also recognizes the value of having a brokerage firm on-site. We are grateful to have partnered with Dutch Harbor Boat Yard and we look forward to serving their clients.

If you haven’t visited Dutch Harbor, the location is scenic, pristine and provides quick access to open water. Please visit Dutch Harbor to learn more about seasonal moorings and winter storage options. If you want to experience amazing sunsets beyond the Dutch Harbor Lighthouse, please stop by to see what draws people who appreciate the boating world to the Dutch Harbor Boat Yard –